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In 1995, I left my job as vice president of a publicly traded company to work for myself. After building and selling multiple businesses, I started a financial services business, but the ever-increasing state requirements made it a chore instead of a joy.

In 2014, my wife, Vicki, came home from a networking meeting and said, “We need this,” as she held a LegalShield brochure in front of me.

Our 19-year-old son had just gone off to college in Chicago, and she found out about the loss of parental rights without a health care directive since he was over 18. We saw the value, and she recommended I add it into my practice. That was the beginning of our amazing PPLSI journey.

We helped others level the legal playing field, save money and protect themselves as well as earn the income to reach their financial goals. It’s exciting that my sons joined me, and Zach, at 24, became a PPLSI Director. My wife is a direct sales expert spending more than 10 years with the elite status of Top 10 in both sales and recruiting internationally. That success sparked her career as an author, speaker and business consultant where she wrote #12Books12Months, including six on direct sales, like Direct Selling 101, which we use as a training manual for each new team member. Her innovative approach supported my earning the $50,000 Ring in 2019, and I’m excited to reach the next level!

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