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Why did I do it? Why start a direct sales business? I’m a U.S. Marine (1987-1991), law enforcement focus, and I spent more than 23 years in big box retail management. At 43, I found myself out of a career, going back to school, and I needed an income. A guy asked me to take a look at a legal plan. I needed the legal services and felt comfortable telling other people and businesses about them. It’s funny when God puts you where you need to be. Because of the initial effort I gave and with focus on learning and growing, soon my prospects became clients. I worked hard to be noticed and successful by reaching leaderboard status in the Business Solutions area. I set my goals higher every year. I was honored to be one of the first in PPLSI to qualify for the new $50,000 Ring when it was added to the ring program. Tough times will happen! In 2020, I kept getting paid, even when the stay-at-home lockdown affected many businesses. I found support and new opportunities to service and added new clients through the Business Solutions model. Why did I start a direct sales business with PPLSI? I started my business to help myself in a tough personal situation. I took advantage of every opportunity to learn more, and my success led me to staying and growing. I am just getting started!

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