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Like our founder, Harland Stonecipher, it was a car accident that led Randy Moore to this incredible opportunity. While working with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol as a State Trooper, Randy was involved in a high-speed pursuit that left him seriously injured. It was during this recuperation time after eight neck and back surgeries along with four shoulder surgeries that Randy’s parents encouraged him to reconsider the PPLSI opportunity.

“We were recruited by my parents — $500,000 Ring Earners and original Millionaire Club Members Ken and Shirlene Moore — who’ve had more than 35 years of experience with this company,” he said. “They showed us the compensation plan and also mentioned that it would be a whole lot less hazardous to my health!”

Randy had been with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for 17 years. His wife, Patricia, had been a Realtor for 13 years. Now, Randy and his wife are PPLSI Associates. “PPLSI was a way that I could duplicate the things that my parents had done because they had been tremendously successful. I thank God for my mom and dad and for the decision my wife and I made that day. It has truly changed our lives forever!”

Randy and Pat were convinced that PPLSI was a perfect plan B and the opportunity of a lifetime for them, so they took advantage of the same incredible renewal income that he had seen his parents accrue. Now they have prepared for retirement while also enjoying life.

“We can continue helping other people both financially and with the membership. My whole life has been dedicated to public service,” added Randy. “First in the service to my country in the United States Marine Corps, then in the service to my state as a Trooper in Oklahoma. We now are able to bless those in need, all across North America, with PPLSI.”

In 1999, Randy and Pat earned their first LegalShield Ring. In 2000, they achieved the level of Platinum Executive Directors. In 2004, they earned their Platinum Jacket and were featured in the book, The Pre-Paid Legal Story. In 2016, they earned both their $150,000 and their $200,000 Rings.

Randy and Pat have four children — Chris, Brandi, Jeremy and Joseph (all PPLSI Associates) and seven incredible grandchildren. They are especially proud of their son Jeremy and his wife for becoming the third generation of the Moore family to join the Millionaire Club. Randy says, “We have an incredible team throughout North America, the Moore Success T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves MOORE Success). Without their help, there is no way that we could have accomplished our goals! Our motto is always keep God first, family second and then PPLSI! It’s worked well for us!”

He concludes, “Regretfully, Dad passed away in February 2018. The success he began in PPLSI continues to thrive. His memory and accomplishments will remain forever alive and never forgotten. The legacy that he established decades ago continues not just within our family but throughout his organization!”

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