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Business Owner, Military


PPLSI actually changed my life, because not only do I have my own business, but I also invest as much time as I want and need.

I am a full-time police officer in Houston, and over the years, I’ve worked side jobs and gigs to make ends meet. With PPLSI, I am able to set my own schedule, and I have been able to make meaningful income. I also teach license to carry classes and offer it to my students, who see a real value and need for this service at a great low price. I was introduced to PPLSI by an associate who is also a license to carry instructor and showed me how to grow my business and is supportive with any questions or resources. In PPLSI, as associates, we don’t compete with each other, but we help one another, so we all grow our business together and prosper.

I encourage new associates to never stop trying. After you initially get your close friends and family members to join, look and think outside the box on your opportunities because those opportunities have second and third tier referrals. Don’t be discouraged if you’re told “no,” but learn from that and teach yourself how to do better. Attend training and ask questions; you’ll see after a little time and effort how you help people and grow your business.

Modal Business Builder Plan 2021

Start your own part-time business, and take control of your future.

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