Profiles of Success

Military, Pharmaceuticals


After 20 years flying with the U.S. Air Force, Kevin retired as a Major. He started another career with a Fortune 500 company in pharmaceuticals. Linda was working part time, so she could be home for their son, Keith, after school. They soon realized the income Kevin was making in the corporate world came at too high of a price. The stress was impacting his health, and he rarely had time to spend with his family.

Kevin and Linda were anxious to find that balance, so they left the corporate world and invested in a traditional business. Soon they found out that their traditional business had an insidious way of taking complete control of their lives.

When a long-distance acquaintance approached Kevin about the LegalShield Membership in 2008, he immediately saw the value of the membership. As business owners, they were always looking for ways to reduce unnecessary risk. They had little time, but they began to carve out time every week to achieve their dreams.

Today, their life is incredible compared to the rat race they were in years ago. They lead by example, staying Performance Club qualified ever since their first month with PPLSI. Because of their consistency and hard work, they earn company-sponsored trips and have developed leaders who are inspired to follow their lead.

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