Profiles of Success

Banking/Finance, Military


Ken is a decorated, retired warrant officer of the U.S. Navy who’s always been laser focused on his vision to become a business owner. His goal was to walk out of retirement into a business model that would afford him to set his own hours. Chris was a banking and finance professional for 16 years, working six days a week at times. She was also a co-owner of a mortgage contracting business that soon dissolved. However, Chris never stopped dreaming about setting her own hours. PPLSI has provided that business model, allowing them to reach their goals!

During a WestPac tour, Ken read an article in magazine that featured Fran and Woody Alexander. Ken realized that he and Chris had an immediate need for legal counsel in a different state that JAG could not assist them with, so he called the number listed. That phone call was the beginning of a tremendous life-changing event.

In October 1997, a PPLSI Associate contacted Ken and invited him to a rally six hours away. The next day, they became members and associates and have not looked back since.

Chris retired from her mortgage banking job and became an associate in 1999, and Ken later retired from the Navy and has been fully focused on PPLSI, never completing a job application.

Ken and Chris are leaving a legacy on both sides of their families with the help of the Lord. Nearly all immediate family members own LegalShield and IDShield plans. Plus, their children, Monica and K.J., will inherit their business.

Ken and Chris have been Performance Club qualifiers since inception and have been very blessed to earn all-expenses paid vacations and receive the monthly bonus, year after year. They make provisions for their mothers in their golden years for the things they need and want. They enjoy the opportunity that their business provides to serve more in ministry and be there for their children. Chris has formed an organization that teaches how to live without debt through financial literacy. Her organization’s blog has reached more than 42 countries. With God’s help and her PPLSI business, she continues to change lives. Ken serves as a mentor for young men in several high schools, colleges and churches. “We are so blessed to be able to serve God, community and family!”

What keeps them focused? “God, personal development, persistency, servant leadership, a proven system, not re-inventing the wheel and team building in every sense. Woody Alexander and Russell Peden told us to go where you’re not needed. Keep helping people, and you’ll reach your goals.”

“We are forever grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Stonecipher’s vision, tenacity and determination to fulfill the mission to provide protection for every household. We are more excited about our new leadership that has a vast vision and strategy that will propel the legacy of Mr. Stonecipher into higher heights. We know our success has not happened by our power or might, but by God’s spirit, and for that we are grateful to be a part of this great company with a business model that is second to none. We look forward to many more amazing years.”

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