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Military, Real Estate


I have been an associate since 1997. My background is in the military, college and real estate areas. I was in the U.S. Air Force for six years as an Airborne German linguist. Then I went to college and received my bachelor’s degree from Montana State University. And when I was introduced to PPLSI, I was working in real estate.

I always tried to enjoy what I did, but I always knew there was something missing — something bigger and better. I am extremely grateful for my Air Force and college experience. I liked working in real estate. It came into my life to prepare me for PPLSI with the commissions and being able to control my own income, but I never felt like it had the bigger mission like I wanted for my life. I was struggling to make it from deal to deal, and it was so stressful.

I was introduced to this company through one of my real estate customers, Ms. Bobbi O’Connor. I bought the membership, used it and thought, “Everyone I know needs this!” So I contacted her about the business. She and I worked as partners for more than four years, primarily in the group benefits arena. Coming from a single-mom, foster-home family, I never even thought about or was taught to seek access to lawyers. After I used the plan on a real estate issue, I was blown away. I knew it was something I had to share with my family and friends. I know I am doing something incredible for families and companies, and that makes me feel like I have a true purpose.

Having that control over my life has been priceless. Even in the beginning, just knowing that I could dictate my schedule and my activity gave me a good feeling. I love earning all-expenses paid Performance Club trips, and traveling has always been a priority for me, so this has been a tremendous gift. Teamwork and Mr. Harland Stonecipher’s mission of justice for all makes me feel like I am part of something big, and it is extremely rewarding.

It was amazing to not have to put my son, Austin, in daycare (not even for one day) and to actually raise him myself. That was a huge gift, and time with him is something I know I could never get back. I’m grateful to PPLSI for that. All my family members have the membership, so I feel good knowing they are protected. A few have joined the business. I am leaving a legacy for my son and future generations with the residual income. That is incredible! This opportunity became even more real in 2011, because that’s when my debit balance zeroed out! PPLSI gives us the incredible opportunity to earn residuals.

I will always be incredibly grateful to Mr. Stonecipher, and I do miss hearing from him on the weekly leadership calls, but our next era is going to be phenomenal! I truly believe our new leadership will take us places we never thought possible. All we have to do is stay focused and busy on the right activity! I am looking forward to making this year my best year ever with at least 800 personal sales, and I plan to help several other associates accomplish this and more. I am focusing on recruiting more than any other time in the past, and I know with the proper activity I can hit the Platinum level!

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