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I worked as a programmer when I immigrated to Canada. I was paid well, worked from home and my employers and colleagues were very nice. I really appreciated that and worked hard.

When the company was down from over 30 employees to just six, due to the dot com bust in 2003, I was one of those who stayed. That job gave me a lot and helped me settle down in Canada. I was satisfied with the job. The only thing is that it is not exciting. I just worked for the salary.

I became a LegalShield Member in 2018 because I wanted to complete my Will. The lawyers have also helped me with many other issues. Prior to that, I had never consulted a lawyer. PPLSI helped me realize how significant legal service can be for not just those in need, but also for ordinary people. It protects and empowers people. Hence, I approached my sponsor to become an associate. I was very excited to tell my friends about it.

When more and more people joined, I was able to build a team. Our team works together, follows the company’s system, learns from leaders and supports each other. We have been able to help many families. It has been a great and meaningful experience.

The best part is that I found something I really love, and it is something I have passion towards. At the same time, my income has increased, as it consists of both leverage income and passive income. I earned my $100,000, $150,000 and $200,000 Rings in 2020. I learned a lot from LegalShield University about personal development and leadership.

Now my focus is team building and helping our associates achieve their goals and dreams. We had two new Ring Earners on our team in 2020. It is amazing. Our goal is to double that number in 2022. PPLSI is an incredible opportunity that involves helping people, personal growth and making friends. Thank you, PPLSI!

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